Buy Where You Ride

From your child’s first bike to your latest ride, your local bike shop is so much more than just bikes, tubes and energy bars. It is a meeting place where rides begin, stories are told, friendships are made, and laughter echoes off the walls.

It's a cornerstone of your community that provides trained staff to keep your bike running smoothly, experts to answer your questions, and exudes passion for the sport. Bike shops support your local charity ride or sponsor your local race team. They work to keep your trails and roads safe, accessible and fun and are always there with a smile when it’s your time to play.

Other added benefits when you shop local businesses - 

  • You save money.
  • You benefit from the expertise.
  • You ensure that more of your money stays in the local economy.
  • You support local jobs.
  • You help keep the community unique.
  • You help the environment.
  • You encourage community and all it stands for.
  • You give a thumbs up to entrepreneurship.

Support your local bike shop, support your local community.