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eBike Faster & Farther with Less Effort

We know electric bikes and have investigated manufacturer to find the best brands and models for specific riding types. We have test ridden all sorts of ebikes, met with manufacturers and talk to other electric bike dealers to ensure the brands we choose are high-quality. There are hundreds of electric bike brands out there, but as a professional bike shop, the electric bikes brands we support must come from solid companies that can provide excellent customer service, upgrades and warranty support -- now and into the future.

Aventon Electric Bikes

Aventon was born in 2012 with a small delivery van and a single-roomed warehouse office. Aventon’s mission is to empower everyone to ride bikes regardless of their age or ability. They are passionate about bikes because we believe that bikes change lives through the freedom of mobility.

Biria Electric Bikes

Originally from Germany, Biria Bikes USA was born in 2002 with the desire to bring bicycles to North America that captured the same spirit embodied in the most popular models being ridden all across Europe. They are committed to giving customers the ultimate comfort and quality in riding bicycles. 

Specialized Electric Bikes

Specialized has been developing eBikes since 2009, they knew it had to ride and feel like a great bike first—something we’d really love to ride ourselves. They wanted you to feel like you were on a “regular” bike, but that somehow, you’d grown superhero legs. The core mission still hasn’t changed. It’s now, and forever will be, our promise for every Turbo: It’s You, Only Faster.

Electric Bike Basics

If you want to learn more about who rides electric bikes, the benefits, the technology and more, just hop on over to our Electric Bike Basics page.