Mountain Bike Guide

For The Love of Dirt

Whether you're seeking adventure, a break from your routine, or a challenging workout, mountain biking is a perfect fit. There’s been plenty of research suggesting that outdoor activities can improve mental and physical health. Maybe that’s why mountain biking fosters such a fun and inviting community.

Which Mountain Bike Is Right For You?

Cross Country Bikes

These are the efficient, go-fast bikes of the mountain bike world. Cross country bikes generally have more efficient travel. They feature steep head and seat angles which gives you more power for climbing.

Trail Bikes

These bikes are the Goldilocks of mountain bikes—not too much, and not too little. A trail bike climbs well and descends well. Their relaxed geometry balances climbing efficiency with confident descending prowess.

Enduro Bikes

These bikes are built to go fast in the direction that gravity pulls you, down. These bikes give up some climbing efficiency by including more squish than other bikes along with a more relaxed position for confident handling at speed.

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Mountain biking is as much a culture and community as it is an activity. Welcome to the family.

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