Repair and Service Department

Revolutions Cyclery service department is a one stop shop when it comes to bicycle service. From beach cruisers to full suspension high performance mountain bikes, Revolutions can repair it, maintain it, or upgrade it. Revolutions Cyclery staff work closely with many different manufacturers and vendors to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information and technical training.  They listen carefully, and will work closely with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Keeping your bicycle running as smooth as possible is all about experience.  Our goal is to help everyone enjoy their experience to the fullest, from our shop all the way to road or trail and back.  It starts with the right equipment and a well-tuned, adjusted and maintained bicycle, but it also involves relationship, trust and ultimately ends, we hope, with some friendships.

If you have any questions on a good Bicycle Maintenance Schedule or want to make an appointment for service Email us here or call (321) 751-5457

Walk-In Repairs

Walk-In Repairs

Walk-In repairs are always welcome at Revolutions!  When you are ready to ride but your bike is not....minor repairs can be fixed on the spot.  If your repair is more extensive, we will still strive to have it back to you ASAP.

Free Estimates

Free Estimates

When you bring in your bike to Revolutions for a repair, we always start with a FREE, no-obligation estimate. Our staff will discuss your bike’s condition and carefully explain what work should be done. We will always respect your budget.

48 Hour Service

48 Hour Turn Around

Bring your bike to us for service (a flat tire, wheel true, or just about any other minor repair) and we strive to have it back within 48 hours. 
*48 Hour Service does not apply if special parts are needed (that need to be ordered) or on overhauls. 

Service Professionals

Service Professionals 

Our repair shops can handle any repair. We're proficient with modern technology plus the classic stuff, so we're equipped for what you ride and any repair it may need no matter where you purchased your bicycle. You can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time.


* Does not does not include parts or installation

$39.99 - $69.99

  • Frame & fork Inspection
  • Drivetrain Inspection
  • Bearing Inspection
  • Headset Adjusted
  • Bottom Bracket Adjusted
  • Hubs Adjusted
  • Minor Wheel True (Off the Bike)
  • Gears Adjusted
  • Brake Adjusted
  • Torque Check and Adjustment
  • Test Ride


* Does not include price of parts

$59.99 - $99.99

  • Frame Inspection
  • Fork Removed and Inspected

    Headset Inspection and Adjust

    Drivetrain Inspection

    Bearing Inspection

    Bottom Bracket Adjusted

    Hubs Adjusted

    Wheel True (Off the Bike)

    Gears Cables Pulled, Inspected and Lubed

    Derailleurs Adjusted

    Brake Cables Pulled, Inspected and Lubed

    Brake Inspected and Adjusted

    Torque Check and Adjustment

    Test Ride


* Does not include price of parts

$179.99 - $279.99

  • Completely Strip Components from the Frame
  • Frame  Inspection, Prep, Clean and Polish
  • Fork Removed and Inspected
  • Headset Inspection Overhaul and Adjust
  • Bottom Bracket Inspection, Overhaul and Adjust
  • Drivetrain Inspected and Replace if necessary
  • Wheel Bearing Overhauled and Adjusted
  • Wheel True With Tires Removed and Tensioned
  • Gears Cables Replaced, Lubed and Installed
  • Front and Rear Derailleur Clean, Lubed and Adjusted
  • Brake Cables Replaced, Lubed and Installed
  • Brake Inspected, Cleaned and Adjusted
  • Torque Check and Adjustment
  • Test Ride

Our Service Guarantees

48 hr. Turnaround for Tune-Up Packages and Most Repairs! At Revolutions Cyclery we love to ride bikes. So, we know how traumatic it can be waiting for your bike to get serviced. That’s why when you bring your bike in for tune-ups or bike repairs, we’ll do our best to get it back to you by the end of the next day! If your bike needs some special order parts, we’ll do our best to complete your service within 48 hours of the parts arriving.

During Our Service Inspections... things may come up that we recommend you fix. We’ll tell you if it’s an immediate safety issue, or if it’s something you should get fixed or replaced to prevent future repairs. As always, we’re happy to give you good/ better/ best quotes, and leave it to you to decide which route you’d like to take. We’ll give it to you straight, and we’ll let you decide what’s best for your bike and for your wallet. It’s what we do.

We’ll Always Wait for Your Approval. Clear communication is important at our shop. We will always provide an estimate and wait for your approval before we service your bike. After all, that’s how WE would want to be treated! All estimates are free and they include a thorough safety inspection.

We’ll Stay in Contact. We’re awesome mechanics, but not the best psychics. Sometimes unforeseen complications can arise during your repair. If something unexpected does come up during a tune-up or bike repair, we’ll contact you immediately. And of course, we’ll let you know as soon as your bike is ready to go home. We keep careful notes regarding the work we do, and we’ll be happy to go over your bicycle’s medical file when you pick up your bike (or anytime).

You Get What You Pay For. Our Rates are a representation of the work we do. We go above and beyond when it comes to bike maintenance and repairs, because - just like with riding bikes - it’s not just about being fast. We’re all about getting you riding happily and safely every time you pedal out. Our mechanics have years of experience and industry training, and they take a lot of pride in what they do. Rest assured, you’re going to get the fantastic service that you paid for.

We Guarantee Our Work for 30 Days! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your tune-up or repair in the first 30 days, come back and see us. We want you to be happy with your bike, and our service!

Free Bike Repair Clinic : First Saturday of Every Month

If you're interested in learning how to repair your own bike, come check out our FREE bike maintenance/ bike repair clinic. We hold the clinic the first Saturday of every month at 3 pm.  Being able to repair your own bike is a super valuable skill!  Just remember; if bike repair isn't your thing, that's OK because it's our thing and we're always happy to help!