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LOOK Geo Trekking Vision

LOOK Geo Trekking Vision
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We have all experienced it. Will drivers see me clearly? This was at the heart of our concerns when designing and developing the GEO TREKKING VISION pedals. We created a light that is simple and versatile to use.

The GEO TREKKING VISION is the ultimate commuter pedal. Two different sides: one flat suitable for any shoes, and the other SPD-compatible for when you take things up a level. A removable light system adds that little extra security: ride to work in your suit and tie,ride home via the trails and side roads.

The GEO TREKKING pedal range has been designed to support you in your everyday journeys, between office and home, in the city, on cycle lane, amongst traffic or simply when adventure calls and you set off on roads or trails, in search of new horizons.

The GEO TREKKING pedal range has been designed to support you in your everyday journeys. Whether it be between the office and home or in the city, a bike lane, or amongst traffic the GEO TREKKING pedal is there to offer that versatility. When adventure calls and for you to search out new horizons off road, the GEO TREKKING answers that call with SPD compatibility.

That versatility means that the GEO TREKKING pedal can tackle every situation and in all conditions. Providing unparalleled freedom. The clipless side is SPD compatible with a retention adjustment system ranging from 5 to 10. All of the GEO TREKKING pedals come with our “easy” cleat that allows a 30% easier clip in and out in multi directions.

Visibility depends on two criteria:

  • the minimum distance from which you can be seen.
  • your ability to catch the attention of drivers.

Unlike a standard fixed light positioned on your bike, the pedals are in continuous motion which considerably increases their visibility by creating an oscillating beam. Combined with two different flash modes available (3 modes in total), they allow you to attract drivers’ attention in the most effective way possible. Used alone or complemented by a standard light, the pedals within the GEO TREKKING range offer the best visibility solution available.

With a power rating of 15 lumens, the VISION light makes you visible from more than 400 meters with an angle of 180°, making you visible from the side as well and keep you safe at crossroads.

In flash eco mode you have 30 hours of autonomous operation (light intensity of 15 lumens), which means you can keep going for longer without worrying about the charge status of your lights. An indicator light located on the light itself warns you when the charge level becomes critical.

We have developed a light system that is easy to install and remove thanks to a system of clips, meaning that the VISION light system works in autonomy for greater freedom of use. You are thus free to choose the configuration that suits you best : two lights per pedal ; one light on each pedal.

The VISION module is resistant to adverse weather conditions, to ward off splashes of water coming from the road and from your tyres. The micro USB port, located on the side, is protected by a cover that recloses easily and prevents the penetration of water.