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Bicycle Packing and Shipping

We pack bicycles and frames for shipping. Shipping arrangements must be made by the customer. Depending on your bike model, size and accessories boxing rates will vary.  Most bicycles can be boxed for $75.  This cost includes the bike box and all packing materials (fork brace, front and rear wheel caps, frame padding and a separate box for the pedals). Other accessories can fit in the box but may get damaged or cause damage. We recommend that accessories are sent separately.

Revolutions Packing Service includes:

  • Partial disassembly of the bike

  • Wrapping and padding of the frame and components

  • Extra padding to ensure maximum protection of the bike during shipping

  • Packing in a high-quality, corrugated bicycle box*

  • Prior to shipping, photos are taken of the wrapped bike and the sealed bike box

*Over sized bikes may require more than one box; additional fees may apply

Information to Know Before You Ship Your Bicycles

Bicycle Box Sizes: Length is 50-55", Height 27-33", Width 5-8"

Size and Weight Restrictions: Cardboard bike boxes can only hold 50 pounds

Extra Cost Involved with Shipping:

  • Insurance: $1 per $100 insurance value
  • Residential Delivery Fee:  Usually $5 and can be avoided if shipping to a business location (example: bike shop, hotel, etc)

*Check with your shipping company for the most current rates and policies.

Companies that Ship Bicycles

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How to Pack Your Bike for Shipping

 For those who want to DIY here are some great instructions.